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Felix ♥ Clones

I had an image of him sitting in an oak paneled office in an old building in Baltimore; in his psychiatric office. In a black suit, white shirt, dark red tie, slicked back hair. Very charming, listening to his patients. That’s one of the images, of sunlight coming in to the room, a beautiful room, and the smell of coffee. This elegant man sitting behind a desk, studying his patients. That’s the only flashing image I had, of this man who’s capable of such horror — Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs commentary.

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The LIGHT of the NIGHT sky.
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(FINAL FANTASY XIII REMINISCENCE) - Watanabe’s Famitsu interview - Who does Lightning meet at the end of the novel?



Translation credits to Galvea@GameFAQs.

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Clara Oswald + s7 in different colors [part 2]

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"Everybody’s nervous the first time. But then you learn to love it, right?"

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I wanna be

where the people are


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serah farron + happiness ; requested by luminosii

Anonymous requested: A gifset of my top 3 FF characters of all time (in no order)


PRETTY OUTFITS » 32/?, cinderella, once upon a time, 104

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